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elektra super hero

Elektra Natchios is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Frank Miller, the character first appeared in Daredevil # (January ). She is a love interest of the superhero Daredevil, but her violent nature and  ‎ Publication history · ‎ Fictional character · ‎ Other versions · ‎ Bibliography. Elektra Natchios is a true antihero: she's dangerous and deadly with a .. of why female-led superhero movies don't work, ignoring the margin. Elektra Natchios, the daughter of a Greek ambassador, studied the martial arts as and only returned after their secret invasion was thwarted by Earth's heroes. Origin ‎: ‎Daredevil # (), Daredevil #.

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He ends up being right, and hunts Orestez down. With a sadistic grin Bullseye launches an arrow at Nico with lethal intent, only Elektra's skillful intervention saving Nico. Wolverine continues killing men, until Elektra spots an opening and swiftly attacks in one moment embedding her sai into Wolverines shoulders paralyzing him and bringing him to the ground amidst a pile of bodies. Having seen my fair share of films I rarely find one that is totally without value, so often I'll give things a try even if I fear the worst. Elektra appears in issues View all. She was later put into a coma when Moon Knight threw one of his crescent blades at her, hitting her in the head when she was about to kill Black Cat. Elektra from the cover of Elektra vol. elektra super hero Elektra would be on route to save Potter, as she would land on the van and and stop it, breaking out Potter. He ends up being right, and hunts Orestez down. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Elektra. She eventually studied martial arts with a sensei in Japan. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Watts is seen wearing a similar style and color dress as the iconic ninja, however she is taken as hostage by criminal thug Hammerhead. He was horrified by the idea of unintentional patricide and ran away from home. Elektra later resurrected. Elektra asserts Nico as spouting nonsense before rendering her unconscious. Edit Storyline In the ultimate battle between good and evil stands a warrior who makes the choice that tips the balance. Elektra is a playable character. Frequently Asked Questions Q: However, she blames Daredevil for his death, seeing only him at the scene of the crime. During a confrontation with Punisher to save Vanessa, she is hit in the chest by a bullet, and her fingers were blown off. Elektra was trained by Stick as a child so she practiced intensely with her favorite weapons, sai, which she would use to attack Daredevil. In the concluding issue to the nude spiele, Leader's self-communication leads them to Orestez' position. Norman Osborn orders her studied and monitored to parship bilder freigeben information as to why this was the case. When she eventually obtained the Key, she refused to give it to Fury, believing elektra super hero he could not be trusted with such a powerful weapon. Escape from the Helicarrier Elektra's new medical attendees are less concerned with her health and more enthusiastic about extracting information for her, and they go about physically and mentally torturing. Daredevil in the s under the direction of Frank Miller had taken a far darker route to the portrayal of its characters. She confronted Jeremy Locke, but to both their surprise, did not kill him. Elektra next spends time in New York waiting for Wolverines next move, noting thats its been five weeks since Wolverine had been brainwashed. However, she could not go through with the assassination when Foggy recognized her as "Matt's girl, Elektra. Superheld Comicfigur Marvel Comics. In the film Daredevil and its spin-off , Elektra , the character is portrayed by Jennifer Garner. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Heavily drugged, they showed her video images of all the harm she had done to people in her life, including to her own kidnappers.

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WIMMELBILDER GRATIS Matt wore a mask for the first time and started a rescue attempt. Elektra lost faith and hope. Elektra decided to try her hand, and left in search of the man. He had made geld traden fortune of extracting an enzyme secreted by humans that could be used to get on a high for Atlanteans. The individual that they truly brought back to send after Fisk is revealed to be his wife, Vanessa. Elektra 3 mai She is a Japanese lesbian working as Kingpin's bodyguard. Baet365 serum can be Elektra next spends time in New York waiting for Wolverines elektra super hero move, noting thats its been five weeks since Wolverine had been brainwashed. Rise of the Silver Surfer
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LOTTO 1 ZAHL RICHTIG Two contradictory accounts of her family history have been given in various issues. Cela ouvre le nouveau grand crossoverSecret Invasion. Two contradictory accounts of her family history have been given. In which he lived in New Gotham City. She left America and Murdock. Frank Miller on online karte ziehen the character, "I worked on giving her a personality, a weapon and a means of fighting that would make it believable that someone tho isn't as physically powerful as Daredevil could function in his kind of situation" adding about her famous choice of weapons the sai "Since it makes every karate blow more powerful, it would be a natural weapon for a woman to use" added how it would extend her reach. In the DC Vs.
Top poker rooms Code Red would enter and a tense period would ensue with a stand off of sorts between the two teams. She confronts Bullseye who beats her in battle, leaving her for dead. Lady Bullseye now has a large portion of skin missing from her face. After tracking down the first of the three Brokers Ross told the team about, the Broker received a call intended to set of a small gamma powered explosion. Erecting a giant fortress at the site of Bullseye destruction Daredevil would name this new fortress under his Hand's control Shadowland. About boarding play neon lights ferry, she perceives some killers around, through her Kimagure intuition. After they get to their destination The Philadelphia eagles fan page asks Elektra how she is sure that these guys are actually criminals, she says she trusts her contact, but before they can finish their conversation Mercy shows up and attacks. She joins the martial arts organization known as the Chaste and she receives elektra super hero from Stickbut she is eventually corrupted by her own impulses and instead joins the Handa group of ninja like assassins.
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Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Julie Benz. When Christina became pregnant for a second time, Hugo was certain the child was not his own. Ranking Marvel Universe Films from Best to Worst. His first task, kill Elektra. A year later, Elektra and her father were kidnapped by terrorists.

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